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Witaj, tam możesz pobrać plik APK "Rogue Adventure" dla Androida za darmo, wersja pliku apk to aby pobrać na urządzenie z systemem Android, po prostu kliknij ten przycisk. To łatwe i gwarancja. Dostarczamy tylko oryginalne pliki APK. Jeśli którykolwiek z materiałów w tej witrynie narusza Twoje prawa, zgłoś nam

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Opis Rogue Adventure (z Google Play)

Rogue Adventure is an incredible fusion of turn-based deckbuilder card game, rpg and roguelike, with an old style game pixel graphic.

Discover different worlds, each with unique enemies and dangers, defeat all the bosses to become a hero. Find hundreds of different cards and powerful skills to create your perfect deck. Unlock new classes to try different strategies and have unlimited fun.

Each run is unique, choose your path, find enemies, elites, bosses, merchants and treasures, and build your perfect strategy.

- Intuitive, fun and free.
- Fast combats, to do at any time.
- More than a hundred cards, for incredible combos.
- Dozens of skills, to build your strategy.
- Unlock unique classes, with unique abilities.
- 4 dangerous worlds (+2 extra).
- More than a hundred enemies (normal, elite, boss)
- Fabulous mix of Deck Builder, Rogue Like, RPG and CCG in one game.

The adventure awaits you!!!

Historia wersji Rogue Adventure
Nowy w Rogue Adventure
- Removed Heal ability from Gargoyle
- Increased tournament cards cost
- Tournament minor fixes
Nowy w Rogue Adventure
- Fixed Tournament error
Nowy w Rogue Adventure 1.6.3
*** Changes can impact your actual run with Paladin class ***
- PALADIN REWORK with new abilities and cards
- Added ukrainian language
- Priest Healer buffed
- Gargoyle nerfed in Inferno difficulty
- Minor bug fixes
Nowy w Rogue Adventure
- Improved map algorithm with new graphic and paths
- Fixed Master of Toxin skill removing buffs from other skills
- Nerfed Druid Beast Form cards.
- Minor bug fixes
Nowy w Rogue Adventure
- Added 2 new common cards: Healer Elf and Priest Healer
- Fixed a crash with starting buffs and druid
- Fixed an error in treasure room
- Fixed an error with Genie Lamp
- Added gain 1 mana to Old Jester
Nowy w Rogue Adventure 1.6.2
- Changed treasure room rewards and system
- Added new chest rarity Diamond
- Fixed evolved creatures bug
- Nerfed Druid base card
- Buffed Engineer Robot Units
Nowy w Rogue Adventure
- Druid Rework
- Added German translation
- Translated tutorial in all languages
- Improved memory usage
- Nerfed Gorilla King in Inferno level
- Fixed a problem with Telescope skill
- Minor bug fixes
Nowy w Rogue Adventure
*** Major release - changes can impact your actual run ***
- Added more than 40 new awesome cards
- Improved Assassin's upgrade
- Added new buff "Double Damage"
- Added Chinese translation
- Changed Shaman starting deck
- New buff/debuff icons
- Added Inferno Badges to unlock
- Removed Christmas Skill
- Changed Pink Magic + 3 new skills
- Increased number of cards in the shop
- Increase coin earned after each battle
- Changed Ads integration
- Various bug fixes and optimization
Nowy w Rogue Adventure
- Added Polish language
- Changed Hell card reward (no reward instead of loosing 20 coin)
- Corrected Mug Golem giving only 1 weak
- Changed Ranger card "Snake Companion"
- Minor bug fixes
Nowy w Rogue Adventure 1.5
*** New Class Engineer ***
Added Christmas Skill (limited period)
Increased Hell Mode difficulty
Fixed Hell Mode unlocked after normal run
Cards Balances (this may impact your actual run)
Minor bug Fixes
We wish you all a merry Christmas!!!
Nowy w Rogue Adventure
- Spanish translation (thanks Raziel)
- Portuguese translation (thanks Mixti)
- Fixed "replace intent" not working properly with Sand Worm
- Fixed error with evolving enemies
- Fixed Druid wrong hp after transformation
- Settings layout restyle
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